12 April, 2017
The Apple iPhone SE (32 GB) is just $199 through 20 April in the AT&T GoPhone edition. The 32 GB iPhone 6 is also just $299 through 20 April.
26 January, 2017
The Moto G4 Play is currently $129.99 at Motorola. Sale ends 6 February.
25 January, 2017
Sale at Newegg on most open box cell phones. Price starting at $27.99, this week only.
20 January, 2017
3-in-1 SIM starter kits are $0.00 at T-Mobile.
17 January, 2017
The 32 GB Moto Z Play, GSM unlocked is currently $399.99 ($100 off) through motomaker until 2/13. This is the GSM only version, no Verizon or Sprint support.
Multiple AT&T GoPhone sales. Ten percent off certified like-new smart phones through 01/30. Bring your number to AT&T GoPhone and get your second month of service free through 02/06.
8 January, 2017
New $30 monthly plan (unlimited talk+text, 1 GB data) now available at Cricket Wireless, for those of you who only use a little data.
26 December, 2016
Moto G4 is on sale (16 GB $179.99, 32 GB $189.99) now through December 29 at motomaker.
6 December, 2016
The Moto G4 is currently on sale (48 hours) at Motorola. Build one from $179.99.
4 November, 2016
If you have swallowed the Amazon Prime Kool-Aid, the Amazon lockscreen offer and ad supported version of the Moto G4 Play is currently available to Amazon Prime members for $99.99. That's unlocked for all four major carriers in the United States. Not too bad a price for the hardware, if you don't mind the advertisements, offers and un-Play-like pre-installed Amazon apps.
8 October, 2016
AT&T is currently offering GoPhone SIM cards for $0.99. Bring your own 3G/4G device to the GoPhone network for less. AT&T GoPhone service plans begin at $30 per month or $0.25 per minute.
4 October, 2016
The Microsoft Lumia 550 is now just $99.00 unlocked from the Microsoft Store. A good deal ($40 off list price) for the entry-level (4.7" LCD, 8 GB + microSD & 5 MP camera) Windows 10 mobile.
22 September, 2016
The Moto Z is available for pre-order unlocked, aka now for carrier other than Verizon. The starting price is $699.99 for the 64 GB handset, the new flagship of the Motorola line.
8 September, 2016
The Moto X Pure Edition is on sale starting at $289.99 for the 16 GB device. The 32 GB version is currently $299.99. Ten dollars is a pretty good cost difference for double the storage. Watch out, several color/memory options are out of stock.
7 September, 2016
The Moto G4 Play is now available for pre-order at $149.99 for the unlocked 16 GB handset from Motorola or for $99.99 for the unlocked 16 GB phone with Amazon Lockscreen Offers and Ads for Amazon Prime subscribers.
5 June, 2016
Save $50 on the Google Nexus 6P now through 19 June.
22 May, 2016
$100 off the 32 GB Moto X (2nd generation) in Moto Maker. Judging by the number of "Out of Stock" memory and color options, the current $199.99 price might be the final bow for the second generation Moto X.
$100 off Moto X Pure Edition in Moto Maker through 10:59 CST on 30 June, 2016.
11 April, 2016
Fifty dollars off the 16 GB Moto X Pure Edition (2015) in Moto Maker now through 3 May, 2016.
17 March, 2016
$50 off the 16 GB Moto G (2015) in Moto Maker. Through March 22, 2016.
16 March, 2016
The "Bring on the birthday fun" promotion is now on at the Google store. $50 off the Nexus 5X or $50 off the Nexus 6P at checkout. Through March 27, 2016.
$150 off the purchase price of the Nexus 5X when activated on Project Fi. Now through April 7, 2016.
12 March, 2016
The 16 GB Moto X Pure Edition is on sale at Motorola.com. $299.99 now through March 17.
29 February, 2016
The Moto G (2015) is on sale at Motorola.com. $199.99 for the 16 GB model now through March 7.
29 January, 2016
Two free additional shells when you buy a Moto G (2015) at Motorola.com. Your choice of colors. Now through 2/16.
$200 Sam's Club gift card with purchase of an Apple iPhone 5s, 6 or 6 Plus at Sam's Club. $100 off iPhone 6s or 6s Plus purchases. Activation and payment plan required.
28 January, 2016
$100 off 16 GB & 64 GB iPhone 6 Plus models at Verizon Wirless. Device payment and activation required.
27 January, 2016
OnePlus X weekly open sales event (no invitation necessary) is now 48 hours, Tuesday through Thursday. Prices start @ $249.00.
Large sales continue on older mobiles @ Motorola ahead of Mobile World Congress next month. Interpret that as extra inventory to move out in preparation for something new....
22 January, 2016
$50 off second generation Moto X at motorola.com now through 11:59 AM EST on January 26, 2016. Prices start @ $249.99 with discount, Moto Maker included.
13 January, 2016
$100 off smartphone upgrades at Verizon Wireless with monthly payments. Use code "UPGRADE" at checkout. Offer good through 1/18.
7 January, 2016
Casey Neistat from VLOG_288 with Apple Smart Battery Case
Casey Neistat, it's not ugly, think different.
18 December, 2015
16GB iPhone 6s for $0.99 with 2-year contract at Best Buy.
iPhone deals are back at Sam's Club. $150 gift card for any installment activation or prices beginning at $0.99 for 2-year contracts. Quantities are limited.
17 December, 2015
32GB Asus ZenFone 2 Laser, 5.5" Silver Unlocked Smartphone, 3GB RAM is a daily deal @ Newegg today for $199.
$100 off unlocked 32GB Moto X Pure Edition @ Amazon today only.
16 December, 2015
Looks like the second generation Moto G is "the gift that keeps on giving, Clark" at a new low price of $99. See details @ Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen. Android 6 (eventually) for under $100. We hope "that it enhances your holiday spirit, Eddy."
24 November, 2015
The best Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal on Android is available @ motorola.com beginning 30 November, 2015 @ 12:00 EST. The second generation Moto G will be available, unlocked, for $99. Why the best deal call on a nearly eighteen month old handset that ships with Android 4.4.4 (KitKat)? The Motorola Android update schedule. While this phone ships with 4.4.4, it will immediately update to 5.0 (Lollipop) and is scheduled for an update to 6 (Marshmallow). A decent Android 6 handset for $99—Android holiday shopping deal of the year. No contest.
23 November, 2015
The Thanksgetting promotion is now on at Verizon Wireless. Current customers can enroll for 1GB of data free on their current billing cycle + 1GB of data free on their next billing cycle (just in time for holiday gatherings with the extended family). Other offers from partners available on 11/25.
15 November, 2015
For those of you streaming video away from the couch, Binge On is now available from T-Mobile. This service doesn't count video streaming from certain content providers (Netflix included) against your data cap.
13 November, 2015
iPhone 6s/6s Plus now $250 off (Sam's Club Gift Card) this Saturday (11/14 @ 7:00am) at Sam's Club (in-club purchase only, activation required).
10 November, 2015
iPhone 6s/6s Plus $200 off (Sam's Club Gift Card) this Saturday (11/14) at Sam's Club (in-club purchase only, activation required). The holiday shopping season is officially upon us.
5 October, 2015
Windows 10 mobile device introductions tomorrow @ 10 AM Eastern. Watch live @ www.microsoft.com/october2015event. Expect a flagship device (or two size variants of a flagship device) along with a new offering in the Lumia 5xx line, there's plenty of room at the bottom.
14 September, 2015
Moto Maker open for Moto X Pure Editions shipping in under about 3 weeks. 5.7" IPS LCD, 3GB RAM, 1.8GHZ hexacore Qualcomm Snapdragon 808, 21 MP f/2.0 rear camera, 3000 mAh batter and all the network technologies (GSM/GPRS/EDGE, EV-DO, CDMA, WCDMA & LTE) to work on any network. 16GB + micro SD card support for $399.99. 32GB for $449.99. 64GB for $499.99.
28 July, 2015
Moto Maker now for new Moto G. Front color (white|black), back colors (10), accent colors (10), engraving (+5$), greetings and wallpaper selections. Most exciting option: 8 GB storage with 1 GB RAM ($179.99) or 16 GB storage with 2 GB RAM ($219.99), both 4G LTE. Available now. Full details @ Moto G.
27 June, 2015
99 ¢ SIM cards @ Cricket Wireless now through 9 July.
16 June, 2015
Moto X on sale @ Motorola now through June 29. Purchase price is $349.99 (16 GB), but there is also a $50 rebate for completing a survey 30 days after purchase, reducing the final cost to $299.99.
14 June, 2015
Nexus 6 on sale @ Motorola now through June 23. The 32 GB memory phone is now $499.99, down $150 from the normal price. The same $150 discount applies to the 64 GB model. All memory size/color combinations are currently in stock.
22 April, 2015
Project Fi from Google launched today. See the blog post for more information or the Project Fi website to request an invite. The service, in short, will hand off device traffic to a variety of networks seamlessly—lowering your 3G/4G network use, and in turn, your costs along with enabling new usage and service scenarios based on location. Currently only the Nexus 6 is capable (hardware and software) of using the service.
10 April, 2015
Windows 10 Technical Preview now available for a wide range of Nokia and Microsoft Lumia phones (430 to 1520 and most in between) for those in the Windows Insider Program.
8 April, 2015
SIM card + activation kit for T-Mobile prepaid service is currently 99¢ through 23 April, 2015. Use promo code SIM99.
1 April, 2015
Today only—$140 off unlocked Moto X @ Moto Maker, the Selfie Stick Promo.
Just over a week left to grab the "Advanced" rate plan at Cricket Wireless, unlimited talk + text and 20GB of 4G LTE before throttling to 128 Kbps. Promotion ends 4/9/2015.
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