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The Nokia 220 is a basic internet-connected type, not touch, mobile. The Nokia retails for just over thirty dollars in the United States. As you might imagine, some corners have been cut to produce the product. However, if you know a few tricks, you can squeeze good performance out of the mobile. Thus, the Nokia 220 top seven tips.
If you are looking for a phone to use on the Verizon Wireless network (or another network), there are several unlocked 4G LTE smartphones that can be activated on the Verizon Wireless network from several manufacturers, along with the networks of AT&T and T-Mobile. Owning one of these unlocked phones not only gets you some uniqueness on the Verizon network, but it also affords you the opportunity to switch carriers (including many MVNO carriers who use these networks) in order to find the best deal for wireless service.
The Moto X Pure Edition (2015) works on all major wireless networks in the United States. This includes the mighty Verizon Wireless. We were recently asked to help activate a Moto X Pure Edition (2015) on the Verizon Wireless network. That setup is as easy as inserting an active Verizon Wireless nano SIM. Here we give you the details of that easy adventure.
We have a Nokia 220 around as a long term test subject and have been noticing that some MMS messages are not deliverable to the mobile. On a bit of investigation, we noticed that delivery success appeared to be message size dependent. With that observation, we set out to measure the Nokia 220 MMS size limit. In our hands, the Nokia 220 only receives MMS messages of a total size less than or equal to 306902 bytes.
If you are receiving three SMS messages every time you receive, listen to and delete a voicemail, your carrier has automagically switched you to visual voicemail. Carriers are doing this more often when they notice that you've changed mobiles. It is rather nice if they've provided the mobile, but if you've purchased an unlocked mobile, there is no installed application to interpret the visual voicemail notifications. Asking to be switched to basic voicemail will solve the problem (at least the SMS problem, not the voicemail problem).
AT&T GoPhone MMS setting on Nokia 220 Looking for the classic T9 messaging experience on a candy bar phone that fits easily in your pocket and doesn't require nightly charging? The Nokia 220 is such a phone, and it also supports the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) with rules to play/display most of the common media types. However, MMS requires a lengthy configuration in order to function. See the details of that configuration in this article.
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Yesterday Verizon Wireless introduced upgrade fees for two-thirds of the paths to using a new mobile device on their network. The upgrade fee is a "new revenue stream" that appears to be a direct offset to the slowing demand for new and expanded data network services. There are, however, a few ways to avoid the new Verizon Wireless upgrade fees.
AT&T 2G Sunset AT&T has begun sending notices of the 2G sunset scheduled for December 2016 to 2G customers (along with coupled marketing messages). This is the strategy they used to move customers in saturated markets to newer devices. It looks like AT&T is right on schedule for the sunset of their 2G network.
Battery in Carbonite This week the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case was quietly introduced by Apple to the horror of many of the Apple faithful—this accessory did not match the aesthetic of the iPhone 6s. The Smart Battery Case does embrace the same design aesthetic, just the dark side of that aesthetic.
A Less Colorful Apple This week the iPhone 5c was discontinued, and Apple returned to their practice of selling older iPhones at a discount to serve the lower price market. Steve would be proud.
There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom What is the Microsoft Lumia strategy for success? Richard Feynman was right.
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As spring flowers begin to bloom, it is time to once again look at the collection of E911 fees from prepaid wireless customers (2016 Edition) around the country. State governments have continued the trend to introduce or raise E911 fees for prepaid wireless customers. The largest story of the last calendar year is the introduction of the Prepaid Mobile Telephony Services (MTS) Surcharge in the state of California. The MTS is costing prepaid wireless customers in California, on average, just over ten percent on their wireless bill, bring the prepaid wireless fees closer to those levied on post-paid wireless customers. In addition, there were other new E911 fees in other states as well as E911 fee increases in several other states.
The Holy Grail of Prepaid Wireless Service Like the promise of the Holy Grail sought by the Knights of the Round Table, the holy grail of prepaid wireless can bring you great satisfaction. The holy grail of prepaid wireless is purchasing service for a discount, paying less than the face value for service. This savings is available if you are willing to search for it and accept offers to become a repeat customer. It is possible that your quest will reward you with a savings 5%, or more, on your prepaid wireless service. King Arthur would lift the Grail to that.
The True Cost of Prepaid Wireless Service What does prepaid wireless service cost when you account for sales tax(es) and E911 fees? In light of those costs, what are some modifications of your retail behavior that can save you money?
The 411 on E911 Fees A discussion of E911 fee collected from prepaid wireless customers. How much are they? How are they collected? What do they look like in my state?
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Rip. Mix. Burn. The command line utility (rip) rips compact disc (CD) audio to the MPEG Audio Layer III (MP3) file format. The program is a thin rapper, written in Perl, over a pipeline utilizing cdparanoia and LAME to read the CD audio and generate the MP3 file without intermediate or temporary files. A compliment of ID3v2 tag information is added to the MP3 output file from user defined album information. The rip program is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3.
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